Imaging- X-ray and Ultrasound

Diagnostic Imaging- X-ray & Ultrasound

In many cases, non-invasive examination of body systems is an integral part of arriving at a diagnosis or in monitoring disease progression. The need is obvious in assessing orthopedic conditions, but may be less obvious in cases such as chronic urinary tract infections. In this instance, it is necessary to rule out underlying causes such as bladder stones or bladder masses, to effectively treat the animal.

The two facets of our diagnostic imaging service are ultrasound and computed radiography. Depending on the problem, one modality may be more appropriate than the other; sometimes they are used in tandem to gain the most information (e.g., heart disease).

Ultrasound uses high-frequency, pulsed sound waves to penetrate and reflect images of body structures. Ultrasound is particularly useful in assessing organ texture and structure, identifying masses in soft tissue and to view inside hollow organs (bladder, heart). Digital images are stored and can easily be transmitted (via c/d or e-mail) to owners, or to board certified radiologists for evaluation.

Our digital radiography system does not rely on film to capture images. Images are captured and available in under 8 seconds. The image can then be manipulated and enhanced for better review.  Like the digital ultrasound images, digital radiograph images can be copied to disc or e-mailed to owners or boarded radiologists for additional evaluation.

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