Emergency Care

Alpine Animal Hospital offers after hours emergency care from 5 pm to 9 pm Monday through Thursday. For emergencies that occur outside of those hours or for severe conditions that may require extensive treatment or observation, we refer clients to Valley Emergency Pet Care, 180 Fiou Lane, Suite 101, Basalt, CO  970-927-5066.

The following symptoms are definite emergencies and require immediate medical attention: 

  1. Difficulty breathing, blue tongue or raspy breath sounds.
  2. Swollen or distended abdomen, with or without productive vomiting.
  3. Inability to urinate or defecate, especially if straining. (Cats may repeatedly go to the litter box, lick at the genital area, and/or vocalize).
  4. Ingestion of toxin, including but not limited to: chocolate, rodenticides (D-con), drugs, xylitol (artificial sweetner), nicotine, and household cleaners. BRING THE CONTAINER WITH YOU!
  5. Traumas such as being hit by a car, falling from a height or experiencing a blunt force even if the animal is not showing any ill effects!
  6. Collapse/inability to stand or walk.
  7. Loss of balance or consciousness, convulsions or seizure activity.
  8. Penetrating wound such as bite wounds, gunshot or stab wounds.
  9. Bleeding that does not stop within 5 minutes (Apply pressure using a clean cloth while on your way.)
  10. Vomiting or diarrhea with blood.
  11. Heatstroke: heavy panting, weakness, temperature greater than 104 degrees.

Learn about Fear Free Visits to the Vet and the Certified Fear Free Professionals at Alpine Animal Hospital.

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Sign up using the form below or call (970) 963-2371 to make an appointment.


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