Equine Wellness Program

Take Advantage of Alpine’s Healthy Horse Program

Consistent preventative medicine helps keep your horses healthy and performing at their best.  Through annual wellness care, your horse can be examined and treated for minor concerns before they become clinical issues.  Our Healthy Horse Plans will cover preventative care for your adult or geriatric horse as well as discounted emergency, dental care and nutritional testing

Our Wellness programs includes:

  1. An annual physical exam
  2. Annual Lab Work/Disease Screening
  3. Two annual dewormings
  4. Vaccinations for infectious disease prevention
  5. An Annual fecal analysis (Adult)
  6. A Dental Assessment
  7. Ophthalmological assessment
  8. A Nutritional assessment - Body conditioning score, feed and supplement recommendations.
  • 10% off Emergency Services
  • 10% off Forage/pasture Analysis service
  • 10% off Dental Services
  • Barn enrollment: 10-19 horses = an additional 5% off services/20+ horses = additional 10% off services

- Cost of Adult Program $669 (savings of 11% plus additional benefits)
- Cost of Geriatric Program $786 (savings of 16% plus additional benefits) 

As part of the program you also qualify for $8000 - $10000 of surgical colic reimbursement through EQCO Coverage by Platinum Performance.  Visit or call (800) 553-2400.

Equine Wellness Program

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Sign up using the form below or call (970) 963-2371 to make an appointment.


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