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  • Pet Insurance
    Pet Insurance One of the most common questions people ask about pet insurance: Is it worth it?  This is a valid question that you must find the answer to on your Read more
  • Spring and Flea and Tick Prevention - They go hand in hand!
    Happy Spring everyone!  What a better way to celebrate the return of warm weather than chatting about parasites, specifically fleas and ticks!  Well, as a veterinarian and pet owner myself, Read more
  • National Pet First Aid Awareness Month
    April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month.  Should your pet be injured it is a good idea to see a veterinarian but in case you are in a remote Read more
  • American Heart Month
    American Heart Month Read more
  • Train Your Dog Month
    January is National Train your dog month.  This was developed to bring awareness to the importance of proper training and socialization for dogs in order to enrich their life and Read more
  • National Pet Diabetes Month
    November is National Pet Diabetes Month – this means that it’s time to increase awareness of this pretty common animal disease.  Diabetes mellitus is a condition that affects the level of Read more
  • Fall Holiday Precautions for your Pet
    I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween!  You know what that means, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.  It’s important to remember that even though we want our animals Read more
  • How to tell if your pet is in pain.
    How to tell if your pet is in pain Veterinarians see this often – by the time an owner may notice that a dog or cat is sick or not feeling Read more
  • Safe Summer Fun
    Summer Hazards for your Pet Summer is such an amazing season to get outside and spend time with our four-legged friends.  Hiking, swimming, playing ball or frisbee, or even relaxing in Read more
  • Happy National Pet Week!
    Happy National Pet Week!  Here in the veterinary world, pets are our lives!  We do what we do because we love our pets (and yours)!  What is it about pets Read more
  • Dog and Cat Parasites in the Roaring Fork Valley
    With spring finally becoming a reality, it is time to about ticks and other parasites that become more prevalent as the weather begins to warm. As a general rule, we Read more
  • Healthy Teeth, Happy Horse
    Healthy Teeth, Happy Horse By Louise Marron, DVM, DAVDC As the field of veterinary medicine has evolved, the importance of high quality dental care has become increasingly apparent.  The mouth serves a Read more
  • House Calls
    We Do House Calls by Melissa Gisleson, DVM Do you dread taking your dog or cat to the vet? Many people do! The experience can be exhausting for both you and your Read more
  • Avoiding Colic in the Winter
    The Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Health Care for your Horse by Evelyn Iacono, DVM As the seasons change and the temperatures drop, the numbers of winter colic increase.  Decreased temperatures, change Read more
  • National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day-August 22nd
    August 22nd is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day!   by Melissa Gisleson, DVM Has it been a while?  Maybe it’s time for a visit! Many times our feline friends’ medical care can Read more
  • Coughing Dog – Not Just Kennel Cough
    Coughing Dog By Reese Odenwelder, DVM Our valley is blessed with a large and well-cared-for dog population.  Dogs join us in everyday activities from hiking and going out for dinner to accompanying Read more

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