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Distinguished Dental Care at Alpine Animal Hospital

We emphasize dental health as a priority because the mouth and teeth are vitally important for general health. Alpine Animal Hospital works collaboratively with Dr Louise Marron, a Board-Certified Veterinary Dental Specialist. In May 2023, Dr Marron separated from the Alpine Animal Hospital team and created Companion Dentistry and Oral Surgery. Dr Marron provides consults and services out of AAH and we are proud to be able to provide such amazing dental care to companion animals in Colorado. Visit https://companiondentistry.com/ to learn more.

The title of Board-Certified Veterinary Dentist signifies the veterinarian has been certified by the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) Board as having demonstrated specialist knowledge and expertise in veterinary dentistry. This is only possible after the completion of the rigorous AVDC training requirements (a process that takes several years) and successfully passing the AVDC examination.

Common procedures performed by veterinary dental specialists include:

  • Root canal therapy to save fractured teeth
  • Advanced extractions
  • Treatment of malocclusions (crooked teeth or jaws)
  • Restoration of teeth with metal crowns or zirconium crowns
  • Repair of palate defects and oro-nasal fistula
  • Oral surgery to remove tumors
  • Anesthesia of patients with systemic illness or concurrent diseases that need special care.
When should you see a dental specialist?

Many primary care veterinarians provide dental services like dental prophylaxis (also called “dental cleanings”), extractions, and intra-oral X-rays. Animal owners often seek a dental specialist’s advice when they want to know all the options for oral care or to receive a second opinion. It is always ok to ask if your pet would benefit from a consultation with a veterinary dental specialist.

At Alpine Animal Hospital, we frequently see patients who would benefit from expert advice. Common reasons for referral to a specialist include advanced procedures like root canal therapy, orthodontic consultations, difficult extractions, multiple extractions, stomatitis cases, oral tumors, severe trauma, advanced periodontal disease, jaw fractures, or special needs patients. We refer our patients to Dr Louise Marron with Companion Dentistry and Oral Surgery. She practices directly out of Alpine Animal Hospital.

What should I ask before my pet has a dental procedure?
  1. How is my pet monitored under anesthesia?
  2. Who will be monitoring the anesthesia?
  3. Is the pet intubated and their airway protected from debris?
  4. Does my pet need advanced imaging like intra-oral radiographs or CT?
  5. How often do you perform this procedure?
  6. What equipment do you have to perform this procedure?
  7. Who performs dental extractions?
  8. Do you use sterile equipment on each patient?
  9. Are there alternatives and options to treat my pet’s disease or problem?
  10. Could a root canal be performed to save any fractured teeth?
  11. What are the risks and complications associated with this dental procedure?
  12. Who will be with my pet as it recovers from anesthesia?
  13. Does your facility offer 24-hour care?
  14. Who do you refer to if my pets needs 24-hour care?

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