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  • Sport Horse Medicine continued
    Spring Sport Horse Medicine By Chuck Maker, DVM A well-bred eight (8) year old mare pulled up severely lame in her right front leg three (3) weeks after her last shoeing. She Read more
  • Senior Healthy
    Taking Care of Your Senior Pet By Jolee Stegemoller, DVM As our pets age their needs change, just as ours do!  When your pet comes to our office for a preventative care Read more
  • Sport Horse Medicine
    Sport Horse Medicine By Chuck Maker, DVM An 8 year old warmblood mare used for dressage pulled up acutely lame in her left hind limb after cross country at her last event Read more
  • Proper Foal Nutrition
    Proper Foal Nutrition By Chuck Maker DVM A healthy foal will grow rapidly, gaining in height, weight and strength almost before your eyes.  From birth to age two, a young horse can Read more
  • Lameness
    Avoiding Lameness by Chuck Maker Whether your horse competes in FEI level dressage or reigning competitions, few problems can be more worrisome as a sudden lameness of unknown origin or a subtle Read more
  • Exuberant Granulation
    Exuberant Granulation by Meggie Garvey, DVM Exuberant granulation tissue, also known as proud flesh, is a frustrating yet common complication of equine lower limb wounds.  Exuberant granulation tissue is essentially an overgrowth Read more
  • Deworming Horses
    Time to Deworm? by Jolee Stegemoller The parasite spectrum that plagues horses has evolved over time along with our knowledge and ability to deal with them.  The current problem in equine parasitology Read more
  • Coughing
    Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease,  By Meggie Garvey, DVM Coughing dogs seem to be all around us this season!  Dogs can acquire infectious respiratory disease when they are in close quarters with other Read more
  • Preparing your Horse for Winter
    Preparing your Horse for Winter  by Meggie Garvey, DVM Prepare your horse Winter can be a source of worry for many horse owners, especially those with older horses.  Follow these tips to ensure Read more
  • Equine Wellness
    Fall Wellness by Meggie Garvey, DVM It’s that time of year again – the weather is growing colder, the trees are turning…... and it’s time for your horse’s fall Wellness Exam! While Read more
  • Anxiety
    Canine Separation Anxiety by Jolee Stegemoller, DVM A tough, but pretty common problem, often seen in canine patients is anxiety.  Some level of short term stress is healthy for an animal, and Read more
  • Vesicular Stomatitis
    Vesicular Stomatitis by Jolee Stegemoller There has been an outbreak of Vesicular Stomatitis in horses on the Western Slope this year.  It sounds like a very scary disease because it involves a Read more

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