by Meggie Garvey, DVM

It’s that time of year again – the weather is growing colder, the trees are turning…… and it’s time for your horse’s fall Wellness Exam! While most everyone schedules a spring vaccine and wellness visit, the fall wellness exam is often neglected. Why is it important? Several reasons. First, so we can give your horse its Flu/Rhino booster. The influenza and rhinopneumonitis vaccine only lasts 6 months, so it must be given in both the fall and the spring for continuous coverage. Horses that are especially at risk for contracting these diseases include horses living at barns where horses come and go, and horses that travel to shows or other barns for part of the year. Secondly, it is great to have a vet look over your horse for any potential problems, especially in older horses. Most older horses should have twice yearly dental examinations to look for sharp enamel points, hooks, and loose teeth that affect their ability to eat, especially going into the winter. Additionally, some geldings need their sheaths cleaned yearly or even every 6 months to prevent swelling and infection that happens when excessive segma and dirt accumulate. The fall wellness exam is a perfect time to take care of this. Check out our Equine Wellness package, which includes a year’s worth of preventative care at a discount.