by Melissa Gisleson, DVM

Do you dread taking your dog or cat to the vet? Many people do! The experience can be exhausting for both you and your critter! Here, at Alpine Animal Hospital, we have many options to help provide the best medical care with low stress handling, a Fear Free environment, and we even do HOUSE CALLS! That’s right, we will come to you! Often, in order to provide a more Fear Free experience, we need to remove the clinic all together! If your pet is anxious about traveling to the clinic or has high levels of fear, anxiety, or stress at the clinic, consider having one of our team come to you instead. The services we can provide at home include: annual exams, physical exams for mild ailments, basic procedures such as blood draws, fluid therapy, and vaccinations, but we also provide in home hospice care and end of life discussions and euthanasia in the comfort your own home. We understand that traveling to the clinic with your beloved pet for the last time can be a very difficult journey, and we can help ease the burden some by coming to you and allowing your pet to pass peacefully at home. Please contact the front desk in order to schedule your pet’s next appointment at home! We will do everything we can in order to help make veterinary care more enjoyable for both you and your pet!