As a small animal veterinarian, it’s important to stay informed about the latest advancements in healthcare technology. Wearable patient monitoring devices have made significant strides in recent years, providing valuable insights into the health and well-being of pets.  In this month’s blog we are discussing current technology options in case you are interested in some wearable tech for your furry companion.

  1. FitBark:
    • FitBark is a wearable activity tracker designed for dogs. It attaches to the dog’s collar and monitors their activity, sleep, and overall behavior.
    • It provides real-time data on their activity levels and can help detect changes in behavior, which may indicate underlying health issues.
    • FitBark is user-friendly and offers a smartphone app for easy tracking.
  1. Felcana:
    • Felcana is a comprehensive health monitoring system for cats and dogs. It includes a wearable device that attaches to the pet’s collar and a home hub that collects data.
    • It monitors vital signs like heart rate and respiratory rate, tracks activity, and can detect early signs of diseases.
    • The system provides a mobile app for pet owners and veterinarians to access the data.
  1. Whistle:
    • Whistle is another pet activity and health tracker. It attaches to a pet’s collar and tracks their activity, rest, and calories burned.
    • It can help detect changes in behavior, and its data can be shared with veterinarians to facilitate discussions about a pet’s health.
  1. PetPace:
    • PetPace is a wearable monitor that offers real-time health and behavior analysis for dogs and cats.
    • It tracks vital signs like temperature, pulse, and respiration, as well as activity levels. It can send alerts to both pet owners and veterinarians when abnormalities are detected.
  1. LinkAKC – Link Smart Pet Wearable
    • Link is a smart, GPS dog collar with 24/7 GPS tracking, activity tracking device.
    • Real-time symptom analysis, ambient temperature alerts, a built-in LED flashlight.
    • A membership plan is required to access all the benefits of this device.
  1. Animo:
    • Animo is a dog activity and behavior monitor. It tracks activity, sleep quality, and barking patterns.
    • It helps pet owners better understand their dog’s behavior and overall well-being.
  1. Fi 
    • FI is a waterproof, ‘dirt and adventure proof” wearable device that attaches to a collar.
    • Life GPS tracking unit that tracks activity and sleep.
  1. Equisense Care:
    • While primarily designed for horses, Equisense Care offers wearable technology that monitors a horse’s activity, heart rate, and respiration.
    • It provides data to help horse owners and veterinarians assess their horse’s health and performance.

These wearable patient monitoring devices not only allow you to better understand your pet’s physical health but also can provide valuable information that you can share with your veterinarian and potentially aid in healthcare decisions.  By sharing this information, we hope to facilitate you in taking a proactive role in monitoring their pets’ health and well-being.  This may ultimately lead to improved health care and early detection of potential health issues in your pet.